JOIN US for ~ Centering Within the Labyrinth
An Evolutionary Women’s Initiation and GLOBAL WOMEN'S CIRCLE

March 6th-April 7th, 2015

Welcome to WILDE Tribe ~
Women of Inspired Leadership Devoted to Evolution

As Women, we are the Portals, Vessels, and Messengers of The Feminine Presence ~ in our lives and in our world.

As a Tribe, we’re Inspired by the common vision we share of remembering, reclaiming, and restoring the values of The Feminine within ourselves, and in the collective consciousness and culture of humanity.

Our revolutionary mode of Leadership is not about what we do or accomplish ~ it’s about who we are, and how we blossom ourselves as women & birth our visions forth.

We are Devoted to living, leading, and continually learning in a mysterious co-created dance with the Source.

The bottom line for us is: Evolution. We know it’s an ‘inside job’, starting right here and now with each one of us in our own bodies, daily lives, and relations.

This is how we empower ourselves to weave ~ thread by thread ~ a tapestry that will blanket the world in the love, beauty, and potent wisdom of The Feminine.

Because if we don’t, then who will?

If you resonate with this Mission, then this is your Tribe.


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